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Current Products

NTX Collection NTX Terra Tiger Collection Terra Tiger


Custom Products

Ultimately, if you can dream it - we can create it!  At least in a scaled down version!
Seriously, we have qualified, experienced custom modelers who can make from 1 to a million or more of your creation...
...let's start a discussion today.

Due to privacy, only a limited number of items are shown.  We can create your special 'white labeled' products. 

  Reuhl 840 Rome Disk Brass Model  



Historical Products

This is a simple sampling of some of our historical products.  We hope you enjoy a stroll down memory lane. 
With these quality products in our history-imagine what we could do for you!

John Deere Set of 10 Watch Fobs Salesman Sample John Deere Wagon Drinkware Leatherware by Lone Tree Creek
John Deere Checkers John Deere Peace Plow by Lone Tree Creek John Deere Snowmobiles by Lone Tree Creek Massey Ferguson Snowmobile by Lone Tree Creek
Salesman Sample Planter by Lone Tree Creek Salesman Sample Planter by Lone Tree Creek John Deere 200 Birthday Plow by Lone Tree Creek Reuhl Massey Harris Grain Drill


About Us

Friesen John Deere Model A

Nestled in a valley along the banks of the Lonetree Creek in Southeastern South Dakota,
Lone Tree Creek creates miniature masterpieces!

In the early 1980's Lee Friesen's grandfather, along with a team, built a 1/16th scale cast iron John Deere Model A.  That small business venture lit a spark inside Lee with a desire to go beyond toy collecting.  What started out as a simple extention of a personal farm toy collection and a love for historical agriculture memorabilia was born a business that does not focus on volume, rather quality.  Always a family oriented business, Seth, Aidan and Addisyn (Lee's children) grew up attending toy shows and other promotional events.  Today, Seth is the primary engineer and business development lead. 
Historically we have done work for/with companies with one employee to thousands.
We are a very small business that works hard to bring great items to life for our customers.
Although we are a small business, we implement the latest in technologies to enhace all our products. 



Understanding Scale 

Scale is a ratio. Quite simply, scale compares the original to the model.  A 1/16th scale model, is theoretically 1/16th the size of the original.  (1 represents the original model and 16 represents the scaled model as 16 times smaller than the original.) In traditional toys and collectibles this is largely theoretical.  While the overall size, may fit and the parts and pieces look good, they may not be exactly to scale.  That is because, when scaling items down, many times they need to be made relative in size.  In other words they need to have a defined size to still give the resemblance of the real unit.  Let's use the hood of a tractor as an example.  The tin thickness of the hood of a tractor if scaled down to exactly 1/16th scale would more than likely be thinner than tin-foil, and that would not make a good toy. 
Making a quality scaled model with all the tiny parts and components that look appropriate and scaled to the best of the ability of the artist creating the model is an art within itself.
A key factor is that both the numbers in the ratio need to be of the same unit (inches, feet, centimeters, etc.).
It is important to note that scale does not indicate the size of the toy itself, only the size in reference to the original model it replicates.
The chart below is a simple mathematical chart illustrating the differences in scales.

  Fraction Decimal  
  1/8 .125  
  1/16 .0625  
  1/18 .055555  
  1/20 .05  
  1/24 .041666  
  1/32 .03125  
  1/64 .015625



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Contact Us

We would love to hear from you!  Let us know how we can help enhance your collecting experience.

Contact Seth at: FriesenSeth@Outlook.com

Contact Lee at: friesen@lonetreecreek.com


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